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The Jewellery of Elizabeth Taylor

Any fan of Elizabeth Taylor knows she had a deep love affair with jewellery, from a diamond tiara gifted to her by her husband Mike Todd to emerald and diamond earrings worn to many events, including a meeting with Queen Elizabeth.  The late Mrs. Taylor had it all!

Let's take a look at some of her most memorable and dazzling jewelry.

Elizabeth was a connoisseur of unusual necklaces and she wore a dazzling array of Cartier jewellery given to her by her husband Mike Todd. It is said one such necklace was so beautiful that it made her scream for joy when she saw her reflection in the water.

While you don't see many pictures of Elizabeth sporting sterling silver necklaces, or sterling silver earrings for that matter, she did have a tremendous appetite for other types of earrings and necklaces. Her taste was very upscale, meaning mainly emeralds and diamonds. One of her main givers of jewellery was Richard Burton, who was once quoted as saying that, “the only word Elizabeth knows in Italian is Bulgari” indicating her taste for quality and sophisticated jewellery.

While emeralds and diamonds were her go-to favorites, she was also known to wear gold necklaces from time to time. One such necklace also included diamonds, keeping with Elizabeth's precious gems love affair.

After her death in 2011, her incredible collection was sold at Christie’s and raised in excess of $137.2 million for the AIDS foundation making it the most valuable private collection of jewellery ever sold at auction.

If you are an admirer of Elizabeth Taylor, you will be very familiar with her adoration of jewelry and the best way to honor her is to get yourself some jewelry and feel like a queen.

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