Jewellery Trends - 2019

When updating our closets with the latest trends, we don’t always think about updating our jewelry. Pairing a hot new piece of jewellery with a classic dress can bring you into 2019 quickly and easily. If your jewellery needs an update, check out these statements that say ‘2019’ boldly!

  1. Past-the-Shoulder Earrings—these long, multi-strand statement pieces are usually made of several chains or rhinestone strips that flow and move best with long hair styles.
  2. Not Your Mama’s Hoops—This year, update your basic hoops to a swirl of pearls, a chunky thick hoop or even a set with charms dangling from them. Hoop earrings have been a staple for decades, but 2019 will see new dimensions added to them.
  3. Asymmetry—If you are ready to embrace the year and be extra bold, try mismatching two earrings. Dress up one ear with something that dangles while the other side has a simple pearl.
  4. Pinky Rings—Most of the year’s trends are big and bold, the pinky ring is one to hold on size. A simple, elegant metal band with a small stone for sparkles or smooth details for a bit of interest are all you want to do with this new look.
  5. Pearls—we will see them hanging as a charm from a necklace or bracelet or earrings anywhere from single pearls to hoops or dangling strands.
  6. Shells and Flowers—Earth-sign gals are going to love the incorporation of shells and flowers in this year’s jewellery. Try bold earrings with a big shell or a bib necklace with several small ones. We’ll see flower charms dangling all over 2019.
  7. Chains on Chains—an easy new look is the layers of chains. Dare to pair chains of different lengths and thicknesses for more interest.

Overall, 2019’s jewellery trends should leave you feeling extra. Extra glam, Extra sparkle. Extra bold. Extra special!

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