Sterling Silver necklace with Pearl and Cubic Zirconia
Sterling Silver necklace with Pearl and Cubic Zirconia

Pearl and Cubic Zirconia Necklace

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Shine Brightly

Pure sparkle isn’t always the solution to tying your look together. Pearls, sometimes called “the teardrops of the moon”, traditionally evoke purity and innocence, and bring a special sheen to any outfit.

Our pearl necklace balances its natural opalescence with dazzling cubic zirconia, alternating along a sterling silver chain to create a harmonious look.


Teardrops of the Moon

Lovely, large pearl drops are offset by the glimmer of cubic zirconia in this beautiful necklace. A refreshing departure from classic gemstones, it remains undeniably elegant for daytime or evening wear.

Combining the soft lustre of pearls with diamond-like sparkle and timeless silver, this piece truly has it all. Minimal and eye-catching in its own, its generous length makes this necklace a great option for layering with other sterling silver pieces in our collection.


Key Benefits

  • Elegant sheen of pearls elevates any look
  • Delicate and sophisticated piece is suitable for day or evening
  • Alternating placement of pearls and cubic zirconia offers balance and variety
  • Extra long and ideal for layering



  • Measures 100cm in length
  • Available in sterling silver plating
  • Pearls and cubic zirconia are alternately placed along the chain’s length